Concern for Safe Staffing / ADO Form


  1. Prior to using this form, you must notify the ANC/manager in person or by phone of your need for more help. This form is to document your request. If you didn’t make the request, you can’t use it.
  2. Use this form only if you don’t have adequate help. If these forms are used indiscriminately and without justification, it will dilute their usefulness.
  3. The completed form will be submitted to your unit manager and Union.

Concern for Safe Staffing / ADO Forms serve as a means to:

  • Provide your supervisor an opportunity to correct an unsafe situation
  • Limit your personal and professional liability
  • Document trends in staffing, patient volume and/or acuity levels for your Unit Staffing Collaborative to collect, analyze for changes in the staffing plans.

No Union member should be harassed, coerced, intimidated or discriminated against for signing a CFSS. Report any form of retaliation to your Union steward immediately.

IMPORTANT: Please do not include patient identifying information.