We’re the Majority! Join with us and Vote YES!

We’re the Majority!
Join with us and Vote YES!

Alli Gilman, HCA at Newport & St Johnsbury
Abby Bellefleur, Development Coordinator at Colchester
Adria Suhr, HCA at Burlington
Alison Love, Advanced Practice Clinician at Burlington
Allison Leavy, HCA at Burlington
Alyssa Turner, HCA at Bennington
Amanda Comai, Advanced Practice Clinician at Burlington & Barre
Amelia Schlossberg, HCA at Burlington
Andrea Lenco, Assistant Site Manager at Barre
Andy Sebranek, HCA at Burlington
Angel Gray, HCA at Rutland
Ann Little, HCA at Barre
Anna Moore, Call Center Associate
Anna Gluckman, Advanced Practice Clinician
Ashley Rainville, Lab Manager at Barre
August Doughty, Call Center Associate, Colchester
Ben O’Handley, Supply Chain Coordinator at St. Johnsbury
Brandi VanTine, Call Center Associate at Colchester
Brianna O’Shaughnessy, Central Vermont Organizer
Callan Janowiec, Advanced Practitioner Clinician at Burlington
Cat Gerns, HCA at Burlington
Claudia Alexander, Social Worker
Charlie Gliserman, Prop 5 Strategy and Coalition Manager at Colchester
Dana Keyes-Gibbons, HCA at Burlington
Donna Savage, HCA at Williston
Emily Listowich, Donor Relations & Engagement Coordinator at Colchester
Emily Garcia, Advanced Practice Clinician at Burlington & Williston
Emily Fixx, Lead HCA at Burlington
Emma Wallace, HCA at Rutland
Erica Groves, Assistant Site Manager at Burlington
Eve Benen, Data Analyst at Colchester
Gena Zollman, Advanced Practice Clinician Float
Hannah Neff, Advanced Practice Clinician at Brattleboro
Hannah Cornelius, HCA at St. Johnsbury and Newport
Hannah Brislin, Organizer/Public Affairs for Northern Vermont
Harley Winzenried, Call Center Associate at Colchester
Hayley Martin, HCA at Burlington
Heather Ferreira, Advanced Practice Clinician at Brattleboro
Izzie Alley, Lead HCA at Burlington
Jess Chadwell, HCA at Burlington
Jessica Carvalho, HCA at Hyde Park, St. Johnsbury, & Newport
Kai Saumell, CCS Associate at Rutland
Karin Nicholson, HCA at Bennington
Kat Timrud, HCA at Barre
Kate Plummer, Advanced Practice Clinician
Katelin Smith, HCA at White River Junction
Katrina Burks, Advanced Practice Clinician at Colchester
Kelly Miller, Social Worker/Wellness Counselor at Burlington
Kimberly Gonzalez, Patient Accounts Assoc. at Colchester
Linden Montague, HCA at Williston
Logan O’Grady Snow, Organizer for Southern Vermont
Maddy Hejna, Training & Ops Specialist at Colchester
Meghan Corrigan, Call Center Associate at Colchester
Monica Roussin, HCA at Rutland
Nicole Taylor-Maule, HCA at Brattleboro
Rebecca Stancliffe, Call Center Associate
Renee Myers, HCA at Barre
Sarah Bouchard, Advanced Practice Clinician
Sarah McWilliams, HCA at White River Junction
Tori Constantine, HCA at White River Junction
Yvette Feig Advanced Practice Clinician at Burlington & Williston
Zoe Kaslow, Philanthropy Officer at Middlebury

We, the majority of workers of Planned Parenthood of Northern New England (PPNNE), are standing together to form our union to be a vehicle for advocacy not only for PPNNE’s workers, but for our patients, volunteers, and community. This process has developed from a deep love of our work and commitment to respect and value all staff, so we can provide the best care to our patients. In order to continue this work sustainably, we are organizing to:

  • Negotiate a legally binding contract that fosters an environment of respect where our staff have an equal voice in decision making.
  • Improve staff recruitment and retention through improved starting wages and valuing  staff for the skills we develop.
  • Create more transparency and participation across the organization and accountability to decisions that are made together.

We proudly form this union with the sincere intent to support the long-term viability of PPNNE and its mission.